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In 2012, Tunisian violist Mourad Frini joined the Kennedy Center Orchestra in the performance of Hannibal Barca by Jaloul Ayed, then Tunisian Minister of Finance, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC, in honor of the one year anniversary of the Tunisian uprising.  An active solist, chamber musician, and symphonic violist, Mr. Frini has performed in all major theaters locally and internationally. In this video, Mr. Frini plays the last movement of Joseph Schubert Viola Concerto with the Orchestral Set of Tunisia at l'Acropolium de Carthage.

Violist Mourad Frini and Violinist Michaella Mami in dress rehearsal of Mozart Duo Concertate with the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sam Slimanat at Théâtre municipal de Tunis 27.5.2010


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