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CULTURES SAVES restores hope and promotes peace in areas of conflict through the arts. Culture and the arts are early casualties of strife as communities are torn asunder and social order is disrupted. Founded and run by internationally renowned violinist Michelle Kim, CULTURE SAVES avoids politics and revitalizes local communities through the performance and promotion of the arts. By building cultural bridges between individuals and exposing them to outside organizations and groups, CULTURE SAVES shows that there is more connecting people than there is separating them.



  • Connecting people and communities through the arts in music, video, writing and acting


  • Keeping people engaged and connected by building bridges with outside organizations and communities


  • Establishing an online community where people can connect with others interested in the arts


  • Developing an online venue where artists can post their work and seek feedback


  • Organizing performances locally and beyond


  • Building a worldwide network of people, communities and organizations interested in the arts

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